What Makes German Cockroaches In Las Vegas So Bad?

January 29, 2021

Las Vegas home and business owners need to take pest remediation very seriously, as pests of all kinds pose numerous threats to safety and property. The German cockroach is a common Las Vegas pest that can create unsanitary conditions and bring the risk of illness to your home or business.

Most people understand that German cockroaches are worrisome, but they may not know the degree of risk. These insects shouldn't be taken lightly, making prevention and eradication methods a priority. Learn just what you’re facing with these bugs and how to stop them with effective Las Vegas pest control from the professionals at Pest Control Solutions Inc.

What Makes German Cockroaches In Las Vegas So Bad?

What Are The Dangers Of German Cockroaches?

What all cockroach subspecies, including the German cockroach, have in common is that they are crawling hubs of bacteria. They carry surprising amounts of it on their bodies, as well as in their droppings, urine, and spit. The spines on their legs are germ magnets too; when these insects scramble about in piping, street gutters, garbage, and other grubby spots, they’re bound to pick up more microbes. All of this will taint your food and surfaces once cockroaches get to them. Humans are liable to become sick with salmonellosis or gastroenteritis, as well as other viruses or illnesses as well. Cockroaches can also trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions.

German cockroaches have a reputation for being in homes and businesses. They favor sheltered spaces because of the consistent flow of food and warmth. Main entry points for these pests are holes in utilities, foundations, doors, and windows. If not that, they’ll be in a box, bag, or piece of furniture you bring indoors. Once they’re cozy, they’ll surround garbage cans, kitchens, cabinets, and drains.

The three primary infestation signs are:

  1. Eggs: In your kitchen or bathroom, you’re likely to see casings and eggs. Basements are another common place to find eggs.
  2. Droppings: It’s probable that your door frames and countertops will have peppery fecal particles on them. Also, check floor corners and drawers; the dark and tiny specks will stain.
  3. Odors: Don’t be surprised if rooms start to smell a little musty if cockroaches are inside. They release scented communication chemicals.

Brown or tan (although their young are black-colored), German cockroaches are about 1/2 an inch long. They have horizontal black stripes in the rear of their heads. The adults are winged, but they rarely use them, as they are more prone to run.

What Are Ways To Prevent German Cockroaches?

To keep German cockroaches out, you have to remove all the elements that make them feel comfortable and invited.

You have to eliminate their avenues for food, water, and entry:

  • Containers with secure lids must be used for food and garbage storage.
  • The trash should be taken out regularly.
  • Vacuum carpets and wash dishes often.
  • Grass and greenery should be trimmed routinely.
  • Flowers and plants need to be at least two feet away from the property.
  • Water fixture issues and leaks need to be resolved immediately.
  • Sweeps should be attached to all exterior doors.
  • Gaps around utilities, windows, doors, and foundations should be sealed.

How Does Pest Control Solutions Inc Handle Cockroaches?

The trained and experienced technicians at Pest Control Solutions Inc will quickly locate cockroach nests and passageways, and treat them accordingly. Our solutions, such as sprays and baits, are advanced, professional-grade, and low-toxicity. Our home pest control and commercial pest control services are guaranteed and include follow-up visits to ensure your problem is dealt with. Call us today for a free inspection!

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